Please join Bishop Edward Burns at the Love Rocks Bishop's Gala
Saturday, January 13, 2018
Support Catholic Charities Dallas by becoming a sponsor, purchasing Gala tickets or raffle tickets (1 for 10 or book of 10 for $100), or making a donation.
If you plan on attending the Gala but are not purchasing tickets today, answer "No" to the question "Will you be attending the event?"  You may return here later for sponsorships or tickets.
If you are purchasing Gala tickets today, you will be asked the number attending.  Reply 2 for couples, 1 for singles.  You will be able to purchase additional tickets for guests if desired.  If your organization is purchasing a table, please select Corporate Host and enter your organization's contact information.
Please begin by entering your last name & home phone number, then click on 'Look Up'. 
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